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Harry Styles is one the biggest popstars in the world. He is one of the members of the band One Direction. The band is very successful and has already sold millions of albums all over the world. Harry is coming to Brazil soon. His gig in Rio is scheduled

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BRASAS is full of stars

In our classrooms, our Jedi teachers are superstars. Some of them are multitalented. That is, not only are they excellent teachers, but some of them also have artistic skills. Like these super heroes we present to you now. Meet Daniel, Leonard, Ana Caroli

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These two words can be misused sometimes. Do you know the difference between them? Oops! Is that sentence correct? To answer this and all the other questions concerning these two words...

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May the Fourth be with you!

You might have heard this before: "May the Force be with you". This is how Star Wars fans greet themselves all over the world. The greeting mentions "The Force", the energy that fuels the Jedi knights' superpowers. But the way it is written, "May the Four

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